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Shipments & Returns

In case you want to make a change gives you the opportunity to express your desire to change at in a timely manner 6 days after receipt and replace it with another product that you choose at the same or higher price than that of the product you have already purchased. The change is easily done hand in hand with the Courier (exchange) when the new parcel is delivered to you. The cost of this procedure is 5 € which will be listed on the new package you will receive.

In case you want a refund for part or all of the order, the refund is always made at the purchase price of the product on the day of purchase, DEDUCTION 5 € concerning the management of the order, the shipping costs of sending your order by our company (an amount which we do not charge to our customers upon delivery of the order, provided that they will not make use of withdrawal). The return of products is made only with the postal company that delivered the product to you. If you send the parcel with a different postal company than the one you receive, the return will not be accepted.
Products that are at a discount are NOT refunded, except ONLY exchange with another product.
(The customer has read and understood the terms before making a purchase.)
In case of refund, the shipping costs of the parcel are borne by you, unless you wish to send it with our charge more economical (5 €) which will also be deducted from the refunded amount.
The change / return is made ONLY after consultation with the company. If a product is returned without informing the company first it will not be accepted..

The refund is made within the next 14 working days from the date of receipt of the returned product.
It is clarified that the returned product must be in its original condition. In particular, the returned product must not have been worn beyond testing, ironing, washing or any other cleaning procedure. If it is found that the product has been used or worn, the company will act accordingly. The labels that came with the product should be there, just as it was when you received it along with the retail receipt. IF the returned product does not have its card on it and there is no proof that accompanies it, no change or refund will be made.

On orders paid by card the amount will be refunded in the same way to your card. In case you have placed an order by cash on delivery, the refund will be made by bank deposit. If a different bank is declared for the return of the amount by the customer, the transfer is borne by the Beneficiary (Customer) and not the Depositor (

For the process of changes – returns contact us at